My name is Jasrora Nox i am witch from the school called the magical world where the wizard and witches are from different parts of the world. I am part of the world called Moon Villiage where the elves and vampires roam i am mix if you can tell well if u know the history of vampire we are very bloodthirsy but i also half elf which im beautiful and smart well that is boring. I love magic my parents well they want me to be what i was to be born but im not that you know a killer i just want to do magic. I wanted to go to hogwarts but they rejected it made me so mad and im not going i cried for a bit. I got accepted into the magical world school and holy fuck its full of all types of creatureslike fairies, elves, vampire, wolves, imps, goblins, and so much more. All students and teacher well our head master is panther way different then hogwarts. We have four houses but i will tell u that in another day every Sunday i will wrote what goes on in my life but i need to go buy me my school material like wands, pets, cloaks, soo much guys welcome to my magical world.
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