What is GGs.tv?

Do you go on other social media sites and scroll endlessly through the garbage that is your timeline? Tired of seeing politics and religious debates? Fake News got ya down?

We created this site to offer gamers an outlet to be their TRUE self. A way to embrace their online persona and escape the real world for a bit. Watch clips, network with like-minded gamers, and not have to worry about being stalked or revealing too much personal information. Be who you want to be. Play the games that you want to play! This is a judgement-free zone, a safe place for gamers to be, well, GAMERS!

Our mission

To provide gamers with the resources and outlets needed to become the best gamer you can be! Rewards for networking. A shop containing products gamers need. Streams to relax and chat in. Whatever a gamer needs, we have.


Why use this site over other social medias?

This site is not JUST a timeline with pages and groups. Gamers can acrue XP points by posting, reacting, commenting, things that they ALREADY do on other sites. These XP points can go into purchasing self-promo ads, upgrading to the Pro accounts, and even pulling out as a Paypal reward :)

These XP points are already enough to switch, but we don't stop there. This site is HYPER-FOCUSED on gamers, and gamers alone. 100% target audience. No more Aunt Carol's apple pies on your timeline. No more 300 comment, 200 angry face political posts. Just content that you WANT to see.

We host streams of our members, provide a marketplace for you to sell your gaming related services and products, and even global referral links for ALL members!

The only question is: Why not?