We believe that being "Verified" shouldn't be related to popularity or fame. It should be about trust. Knowing that you are interacting with the person that they claim to be.


Ways to Get Verified:

1) Provide Proof of LLC, business, company, etc. This can be items such as, but not limited to:

  • Copy of a phone or utility bill addressed to the company
  • Certificate of formation
  • Articles of incorporation
  • Tax exemption documents
  • Trademark/ Patent documentation for username

2) Confirm a Direct Message sent to a Verified social media account.

3) Confirm a Direct Message sent to a Verified Youtube/Twitch/Trovo/other streaming service.

4) Group owner of a verified Group

5) Become a GGs Partner


Verified Groups:

For a group to be verified, the group must meet 1 of the 3 following criteria:

1) Started by a Verified member

2) Partnered with

3) LLC or proof of registration as a company.


Upon submission of Verification applications, Staff Members will receive your application and complete a thorough review of your account. Expect to recieve a DM from a staff member with an approval or denial response. We believe in being transparent and helping our members grow. If a denial message is received, you can expect to recieve feedback as well on how to get approved on your next submission.

Feel free to reach out to staff members or submit an email to with any questions.

We look forward to seeing you grow with us!