I am Atlas Taylor or on my twitch known as [atlasartworks], I play games, sing and even do art. still working on my dreams and maintaining a stream schedule and life all at once, who isn't right? Life is what you make of it, not how you make out with it. XD I am also on TikTok AtlasArtworks If you would like to collaborate with someone who is about having fun but is super honest, then feel free to reach out to me, always looking to make memories and have a blast working with others. Find what makes you stable before achieving your own version of success, trial and error is needed to find the best version of yourself, so never let anyone tell you who you are.
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working on some self adverts, thoughts? #Twitch #TikTok #Noob
working on some self adverts, thoughts? #Twitch #TikTok #Noob :sweat_smile:
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