• E3 is canceled both physical and virtual for 2022
    In a turn of events when the Entertainment Software Association has been struggling with platforms like YouTube, Twitch and others that give almost FREE platforms for publishers and gaming studios to maintain the levels needed to justify running E3 every year, 2022 was the year. Waas the year that the challenge became more deeper thanks to the pandemic and after some insiders getting aloud,...
  • Twitch introduces Copyrighted Audio Warnings
    The whole DMCA system was designed to eb fair for artists, but seems that back at early 2000's didn't foresee that it would be for content creation, broken to the disadvantage for streamers, gamers and content creators in general. While Twitch has been historically part of the problem rather than the solution of the problem, I cannot deny they try. Today, many should have received an email with...
  • Twitch might reform the Partner program…For their favor?
    Once again I am taking the risk of writing about reports, but Bloomberg has proven that anything from technology and gaming that starts as a strong rumor, ends up being true or at least has the notion that “might not happen but the idea is being worked”. This time is Twitch and by the time I am writing this probably you have seen reaction on social media. According to Bloomberg,...
  • Twitch suspends Boost Train while adds new categories
    While looking how I can improve my tactics on how the Twitch algorithm makes me at least “visible” in content playing in surreal hours, I manage to see a boosting feature that ironically, became news by the end of the week. Labeled as an experimental feature for this kind of purposes, Twitch confirmed that it was pulling the plug to the Boost Train because it was being misused for...
  • Twitch with new attempt to help users fight hate and DMCA police
    It has been quite a battle that Twitch had with the dark world within it’s network, with people believing it is ok to just harass other gamers and streamers just for the pleasure or are against a narrative. With that in mind, Twitch has announced plans to roll out improved reporting tools, simplifying the process by which streamers and viewers can report content and includes a search...
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