• EasternMediaGG X Glytch partnership goes live
    By the end of March, there was a lot of speculation as to how or who EasternMediaGG could replace GFuel as a partner after a long and incredible history. The truth is that business continues for both and in the case of EMGG, it was time to take up new opportunities and was originally announced at their last Weekly Community Meeting on March 27 but today May 1st, it is official. EMGG X Glytch...
  • Gamers For Giving 2022 has a GREAT PLAYERS with EasternMediaGG
    On Thursday March 24’s 11AM, the content creators, gamers and eSport organization will kick off their 72+ marathon in pro of Gamers Outreach’s Gamers For Giving 2022. For 14 consecutive years, Gamers Outreach have been running the Gamers For Giving campaign and other initiatives as part of their goal to empower hospitalized families through gaming, where activity is easily...
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Disconnected: Short Story

Gamer rage catches up to Tommy when his controller proves to be unlike any other..