Call To Arms is Stack Up's year-long donation drive that directly supports our mission of using the awesome power of gaming to support US and allied veterans and active duty service members around the world! 

In this Call To Arms  2023 edition coinciding with Stack Up’s 8th year, it manages to raise $194,102.84 with 1,042 content creators and organizations giving their time for this cause.

CALL TO ARMS powers the following Stack Up missions: 

  • SUPPLY CRATES: Video game care packages sent to deployed units and veterans in need. They serve as a preventative measure, aiding to prevent the onset of operational stress by providing a healthy outlet for decompression before there’s a problem.
  • AIR ASSAULTS: All expenses paid trips for veterans to attend gaming and geek culture events. These trips reduce the threat of isolation by enabling them to connect with members of their military family who share their interests, and introduce them to a community of fans and industry professionals who support and admire them.
  • THE STACKS: Our volunteer force for good. These teams, located in many places around the globe, serve veterans and their communities by hosting events, participating in community projects, and creating opportunities for veterans to come together in their local area and support one another.
  • STACK UP OVERWATCH PROGRAM (StOP): Provides 24/7 crisis intervention and peer to peer mental health support through our Discord community. Regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other factor, veterans and civilians alike are welcome to come speak with our trained and certified volunteers about whatever challenges they might be facing.

A direct highlight is our partnered org EasternMediaGG, that began their campaign this past midnight of May 27 until midnight of May 28 (Eastern Time), landed in the top 10 list of donations (6th place) and from their part, they made $3,501, a dollar over their stretched goal, previously $2,500.

GG everyone who donated and also all contet creators and orgs that took part of this!