A little while after Nintendo announced the Gameboy & Gameboy Color collection heading for Nintendo Switch Online and Gameboy Advance for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion, we were in the expectations that legendary launches would join the catalog soon and Nintendo did not disappoint.

Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion will have Metroid Fusion as the latest entrant of Gameboy Advance games.

Metroid Fusion launched on 2002 for Gameboy Advance as a direct sequel of Super Metroid or Metroid 3 where Samus got infected by by parasitic organisms known as X, while escorting an explorers on planet SR388 led by Biologic Space Laboratories (BSL), surveying the planet after getting rids of the Metroid creatures.

Little did anybody know is that Metroid were actually the natural predators of X and Samus infection got so bad, that she was needed to be removed from her old suit and was cured with a vaccine made from cells taken from the infant Metroid that Samus adopted on SR388 and got her suit needing a new suit while she stabilizes.

As for the infected old suit, Samus discovers that the X parasite can mimic their host/victim and takes her old suit and becomes the game's antagonist as X makes some destruction, while Samus was guided by the ship’s computer.

Metroid Fusion will be released and available for Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion subscribers on Wednesday, March 8.