Editorial: Goodbye Stadia and yes you were misunderstood
    But of course that my first editorial for 2023 is actually my final content authoring anything that it is related to Stadia until of course, there is anything worth to note about Google first attempt at the gaming industry, but chances are really LOW if Stadia make news again and maybe WAY TOO LOW if is something positive. And yes, is time for a backstory of Stadia By late 2018 and most of 2019, one of the mysteries was what exactly Project Stream was about when Google suddenly invited people...
    By TheGeeZus 2023-01-20 16:24:33 0 72
    Editorial: If you were to ask me about this year’s The Game Awards
    You didn’t ask for it, I gave you either way and as I am currently restoring an old Xbox 360 that was given, I pretty much want to publish and have it on the record a quite summary of how I see things going on around The Game Awards and certain nominee for Game Of The Year that probably was in second place, but I guess,, we will never know. To be completely honest, I fell asleep sometime after the Tekken 8 presentation and I was hype all right. I consider myself a veteran at Tekken and...
    By TheGeeZus 2022-12-12 14:02:33 0 56
    Editorial: Kick is a newest cowboy in the wild west of content streaming platforms
    Despite what someone may think about my content, my VOD is actually doing WAY BETTER than my live streaming and have been on a constant schedule (as much as I try to comply with it) with simulcasting in multiples and going for the top ones. And yes, there has been a big influx of newest networks to top Twitch or be the best answer to both Twitch and YouTube or maybe, motivated for a new alternative and be the next Mixer (without burning itself to the ground with no point of return as it has...
    By TheGeeZus 2022-12-06 19:53:49 0 77
    Editorial: Pong is half a century old now
    You cannot go on gaming without recognizing where everything comes from and while there have been an immense gaming community in the early ages of modern computing, by the 1970’s Atari was a BIG PLAYER in those days and one of its famous creations was Pong. Created in 1972, Pong was installed on an arcade machine and was actually one of the original arcades in history, created by Allan Alcorn and Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell and it was actually a product of Bushnell challenging...
    By TheGeeZus 2022-12-01 12:08:56 0 58
    Editorial: Talks of physical medium and game preservation go renewed (...Again)
    Every naysay on things like Cloud Gaming is that “digital” is a proper way to do and obtain new video games, including PC Games. While this is a new reality, I always question myself about two things…. Why is now a new normal? & why WE allowed it in the first place?  A new good example is going to be as painful as Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II Remake is bound for its big weekend precisely Halloween weekend, physical console versions of the game reportedly will...
    By TheGeeZus 2022-10-28 20:43:01 0 237
    Age Of Empires 2 remake and Age Of Empires IV are bound for console in 2023
    Before Xbox, Microsoft was high on PC Gaming and while not directly competing with consoles in the early days, Microsoft added some hits and Age Of Empires is one of them and we gave some good news. Microsoft revealed that a remake Age of Empires 2 and (finally) Age Of Empires IV are heading to Xbox next year, and that an Age of Mythology Definitive Edition is in the works for PC. Let’s start with Age Of Empires 2 remake and titled Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, will be launched...
    By TheGeeZus 2022-10-26 22:38:30 0 66
    First Attack 2022 Results - Yours truly participated on Tekken 7 Tournament
    If you are following me on social media, you might noticed that I was hyping a local esport event, mainly aimed for the Fighting Gaming Community with a few newcomer and in its 10th anniversary, First Attack Puerto Rico took place and I decided to finally give myself the chance to participate, despite the event already being this long and my considered myself a gamer all my life and decided to try my best at the Tekken 7 Tournament. Unfortunately I went down in my Round 2 of winning brackets...
    By TheGeeZus 2022-10-11 20:14:06 0 77
    Editorial: Google surprisingly announced the EOL of Stadia
    I know I have been using a lot of EOL or End Of Life, which is a term officially used when a product or service will not be offered anymore. And I never imagined that Google surprisingly went to the EOL-ing Stadia just out of nowhere. And yes this news might feel like a little editorial feel so therefore I mark this as a Staff Article, because there are some things I want to actually say outside news perspective but keeping objective. First, what went official but OUTTANOWHERE!!! “For...
    By TheGeeZus 2022-09-30 02:04:17 0 102
    Editorial: An encouraging letter for gaming content creators 
    BY NO MEANS I am a social media manager/expert/analyst/<insert the proper education>, I am just a guy holding a normal job and privileged to be part of GGs Staff writing this piece if you feel stuck as content creator or if you are a casual gamer or just a gamer fan reading this, IT IS FOR ALL OF YOU.  No, this article is not going to give INSTANT RESULT and most emphasis that content creation is a GREAT HOBBY that can turn in a PASSIVE INCOME and maybe ONE OF YOUR MAIN INCOME if...
    By TheGeeZus 2022-07-29 16:00:04 0 174
    JohnReavesLive: Square Enix Future Games - Kingdom Hearts , Final Fantasy , Forspoken , Dragon Quest
    So Apparently..... the tweet from the intro is a parody account, but regardless! It got me thinking about these 4 new games!
    By TheGeeZus 2022-04-15 21:31:52 0 109
    Skyclimbers will remain Alpha indefinitely as more development is needed
    An videogame from the indie scene that is captivating attention is Skyclimbers from Paratope and with a good reason, an original game with beloved mechanics with RPG and Building-planning and a good proposition that many would love to play now. But unfortunately, those who are in the privilege are those selected to run an Alpha version of the game via Steam (the game is set to be released also in consoles, Stadia and Luna) and Paratope confirmed that there is no ending date to the Alpha. Not...
    By TheGeeZus 2022-04-10 15:24:03 0 199
    JohnReavesLive: Playstation Plus Game Leaks discussion
    Given it’s not an official list or Leak but it’s all we’ve got at the moment and I hope this is at the very least a sight of things to come! Editor Note: [JohnReavesLive] specify that tthe information included in this content is to be taken as grain of salt as this is more a leak than a rumor, but probably is safe that be prepared to be unprepared.
    By TheGeeZus 2022-04-03 15:30:22 2 161
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