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343 Industries steady on pleasing Halo Infinite players
The development and the continuous Quality Assurance of Halo Infinite continues and probably by...
By TheGeeZus 2022-08-10 20:07:45 0 429
Puerto Rico Games Showcase 2022 showcase original games of devs studios from Puerto Rico
As a Puerto Rican, I cannot believe this went under my radar, but as this week we got the...
By TheGeeZus 2022-08-24 18:06:03 0 205
RDNA 3 is official and the new generation of Radeon is upon us.
As promised and CEO Lisa Su leading the keynote, AMD presented the next generation of its GPU...
By TheGeeZus 2022-11-03 21:01:20 0 210
EU has officially warned Microsoft of being monopolistic attempting to buy Activision Blizzard
While in the United States, the FTC can blatantly say no and sue you if you do something to have...
By TheGeeZus 2023-02-06 14:20:00 0 209
FromSoftware confirms having multiple projects on the pipeline
Regardless Elden Ring is here and already aiming to be a great contender to be a Game Of The Year...
By TheGeeZus 2022-06-24 20:03:31 0 327