Electronic Arts started of Fiscal Year 2024 with the right foot
    Next gaming company taking its turn to tell us how the latest quarter went was Electronic Arts and the results for Q1 2024 as published this week and there are some good takeaways from the earning reports. There are happy faces at Electronic Arts as the veteran american gaming publisher and developers announced net bookings for Q1 2024 were $1.578 billion, up 21% in comparison with last year. The heroes for the quarter were the continuing popularity of FIFA 23, and the release of Star Wars...
    By TheGeeZus 2023-08-02 14:12:24 0 163
    Patch Notes- 10/13/2021
    UI updates: The sidenav has been grouped into more distingusihable, easier navigatable sections. The sections are Watch, Find, Compete, and Me. Each section will house key elements to the site.  The color scheme has been adjusted to better relay our logo colors and overall palette.    Pro Streams: There are now 2 sections for streams: Pro Upgraded Streams and All Live Streams. Pro members will be mixed into both, whereas non-pro members will only be listed on the All Live...
    By Goodnightpanda 2021-10-13 20:24:09 0 332
    Patch Notes 1.2- Teammates
    Patch Notes 1.2- Teammates - Added the Teammates section to the site. Users can now 'Like' a game, it will add it to your profile under the Games tab. Unlike the game to remove it. -Anyone who likes a game will be listed under that game for easy teammate finding.  -Top 3 is still located on the settings->Profile->Top 3 tab, but these games are also listed under your Games section. Bug Fixes: -Mobile app issue with navbar icons not responding. -Group admins can no longer just add...
    By Goodnightpanda 2021-08-15 22:09:00 0 401
    Patch Notes 1.1
    Patch Notes 1.1-Pro Upgrade exclusive badges-Badges in shop say Free instead of $0-Auto-verified pages when created by Verified member-Report Promoted Posts enabled-Birthdates no longer changeable after registration (this is to prevent users from earning the cupcake badge daily and receiving gifts) #GGsOnly
    By Goodnightpanda 2021-07-21 21:47:53 0 335
    GGs.TV Patch Notes- July 2021
    By Goodnightpanda 2021-07-04 11:58:14 0 433
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