It is bad that you love what you are doing as your job, but it comes to a day that you need a new generation to take over and while for me as a 36 year old guy, the 90's are already 30+ years in the past, the show must go on.

With this, we are sharing that long time Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts producer, Shinji Hashimoto, has announced that he retired from Square Enix effective early this week.

"During my tenure, I am very grateful to all of you in various fields. From now on, I would like to support you as a Square Enix fan. I'm really thankful to you."

Hashimoto started his career on the previous Squaresoft (before the purchase of Dragon Quest creators Enix) in 1995 and served as producer of every Final Fantasy game since original Final Fantasy VII and expanden his tasks when the concept we now known as Kingdom Hearts, took flight early 2000's and shape it to the success as a franchise itself.

He is recognized as one of the key persons that oversee what go and what not regarding a marketing launch for all the Final Fantasy's he worked on and his work being one of the key for the success of each launch.

While he is officially retiring this week, it was revealed that he was no longer serving as Final FAntasy producer since a year ago.