Many members of the gaming industry that have said and reiterated their interest in the crypto world, including joining their games IP to NFTs are practically standing by their words and the latest to do so is Japanese Square Enix.

Oasys, an upcoming NFT Blockchain that will specialize in a decentralized network of gaming content, has won Square Enix as its latest member, joining Bandai Namco Research, Sega, Ubisoft, Netmarble, and others.

The inclusion of the companies serves as a validator or the “security check-ups” for the blockchain and this is the critical part where the network confirms that all records are facts in the complete chain.

Their proposer claims that Oasys Architecture is built for game developers, offering a high-speed, zero gas fee experience to users by combining the best of public L1 and private L2 blockchain technology solutions, which is all thanks to the proof of stake concept.

And if the concept is being reasoning these days, is because many crypto network, specially on of the roots of crypto in general (if there is a genealogic tree) Etherum, are changing their ways to abandon proof-of-work, which is the massive use of hardware and high-energy consumption.

Besides being a validator, Square Enix will also be working with Oasys to explore "the feasibility of harnessing user contributions in the development of new games on the Oasys blockchain."

A few months ago, Square Enix confirmed that their NFT offering will be under the new established Meteor brand, based on the calamity that was one of the menace in Final Fantasy VII’s world with the assurance that their NFT will be all based on gaming usage, but nor further details were shared.