Not everything is bad news for Nvidia and while its Q3 2023 earning reports could have gone better if life had other plans, the company is not limiting on what’s to come with GeForce and planning on the future for its Data Center business.

Alongside Microsoft, Nvidia announced that they will be in a multi-year collaboration to develop powerful AI supercomputers and design them to be efficient to handle computing workloads in huge quantities and train the AI to do it and scale the workflow.

To do this, Nvidia will carry the hardware side of things that includes technology behind the architecture that in customer level, we see with Ampere and Lovelace with tier Data Center GUPS H100 and A100 data center GPUs. 

Meanwhile, Microsoft will bring the software side of things with its in-house AI models, mainly the one called DALL-E.

All this with Microsoft Azure combined with Nvidia’s Quantum-2 InfiniBand networking platform, and full AI suite will allow more enterprises to train, deploy, and scale AI — including large, state-of-the-art models. 

For Nvidia it is all about research and further accelerating advances in generative AI that use self-learning algorithms to create a diverse range of content, such as text, code, digital images, video, and audio, which probably will be the thing that might matter to us the consumer.

This kind of announcement means more for enthusiasts of High-Performance Computing or the so-called Critical Mission Controls, which are computing environments that handle massive amounts of data and calculations impossible to both humans and ordinary computers.

Via Nvidia