Unusually, a Season 2 of a live or multiplayer game that goes almost a year is the effect of a rocky development and Xbox Game Studio and 343 Industries holds NO secret that this is the reality with Halo Infinite.

But after a 6 months delay, finally Echoes of the Season 3 of Halo Infinite is live now.

With the new season, we got three new maps called Cliffhanger, which is based on an ONI research site, Chasm, which takes place in a Zeta Halo substructure, and Big Team Battle map Oasis.

Also, for the first time in Halo Infinite, this season has also introduced a new weapon, the Bandit Rifle.

343 Industries also explained the purpose of the new item called Shroud Screen.

“The Shroud Screen features a hand-held launcher that enables the player to fire an opaque, spherical shroud,” according to a description of the item. “While projectiles can still pierce the shroud (make no mistake, this ain’t no Bubble or Drop Shield!)players outside it can’t see through—and vice-versa.”

Escalation Slayer is also included in the new season, which is described as a classic “gun game” mode. Each time a player kills an enemy with their weapon, they’ll progress to the next weapon in the list, with the goal of killing enemies with every weapon, concluding with the Oddball.

Finally, a 100-tier battle pass for the Echoes Within season has also been released, which, like all Halo Infinite battle passes, doesn’t expire, meaning players can work on the objectives indefinitely.

For technical improvements, Echoes include a new functionality that allows PC ray tracing support and 343 Industries had said that the ray tracing support for Xbox Series X is still in development.