You didn’t ask for it, I gave you either way and as I am currently restoring an old Xbox 360 that was given, I pretty much want to publish and have it on the record a quite summary of how I see things going on around The Game Awards and certain nominee for Game Of The Year that probably was in second place, but I guess,, we will never know.

To be completely honest, I fell asleep sometime after the Tekken 8 presentation and I was hype all right. I consider myself a veteran at Tekken and of course I was pumped up.

But why couldn't I keep awake even when being hyped?

Pretty much because the formula that Geoff Kegihley is using for The Game Awards basically is advertisement first, gaming conversation and gaming awards has come to a second.

And I am not alone on this sentiment and pretty much is the general sentiment of veterans gamers, pro gamers and I wanted to avoid being generational here but I also believe that mainly centennial kids probably are fine with this as it is because they grew up in an age that hard work is always overlooked, confused with the “work smart, not hard” mantra and maybe they don’t fill the vast majority of viewers that see that The Game Awards is a reflexion of the industry itself.

I am a fan of God Of War let’s be completely clear, BUT, The Game Awards rules for 2022 specifically says: 

“Games eligible for The Game Awards this year must be available for public consumption on or before Friday, November 18, 2022 at 9pm PT. Titles that are released after this date will be eligible for The Game Awards ceremony in 2023. (Similarly, games that were released on or after November 20, 2021 are first eligible for this year’s awards).”

In perspective, God Of War Ragnaroik was released on November 9, 2022 and I ask how objectively the board of The Game Awards could in 9 days determine that the game was a Game Of The Year worthy game?

There are some rumors that The Game Awards staff were given an early release of the game which doesn't  break the rule and in my opinion bent it for two reasons and one plain and simple is because it is Sony and can get away with it, which is BAD.

The second, bending a rule give you some advantages and relevance against other potential games, so basically, the 10 nomination that the game was given, could have been a place for 10 different games or at least more than one sharing categories but could have been so better to have more underdogs rather than obvious choices.

If The Game Awards staff and Geoff Keighley wants to assure everybody that they are a neutral platform for EVERY GAMING PLATFORM, evidently they are failing massively having Xbox related thing delegated only in some commercial, mainly Samsung and the Samsung Gaming platforms, that shifted from Stadia to Xbox Game Pass Cloud as it champion, but pretty much this was a Xbox-less event in its entirely.

By the way, Microsoft announced late last week that they will schedule an early 2023 showcase as there are things to talk about and probably this has to do with major launches like Bethesda’s Starfield and other games.

The random ending of the ceremony with the Bill Clinton nomination, is hilarious will not and don’t want to deny it, but I will also call it and effect of the growing public perception of The Game Awards itself and maybe the “seriousness” of the event is more questioned than ever and yes, Geoff Keighley will go business as usual but if this events and if he doesn’t begin to REALLY read public feedback, NO STREAMER, COMPANY, PARTNER ones, I can hardly gave The Game Awards 10 more years and of course is good if I am wrong, but the soul of the event needs some readjusting.