An unusual month and most unusually that Microsoft went last on announcing free monthly claimable games, Xbox Live Gold games for March were announced and FINALLY an extra 3rd Xbox One game is on the list since dropping Xbox 360 games back in October.

Microsoft confirmed a 3 games collection for the Xbox Live Gold or Games With Gold collection, that are a set of games claimable for free and available until you keep a subscriber either with Xbox :Live Gold or Game Pass Ultimate.

The games are:


Explore the charming 1960s German village of Trüberbrook where not all is as it seems. Get trippy in this single-player Sci-Fi mystery adventure game. The world of the game is beautifully built using meticulously handmade miniature scenery. Discover reality rifts, encounter crazy scientists, and fight for true love as you step up to save the world!

Sudden Strike 4 – Complete Collection

Play the original World War Two RTS classic and all five previously released DLCs. Command forces from all sides in iconic battles including on the Road to Dunkirk, across the snowy landscape of Finland, the rugged deserts of Africa, or engaging in the naval battles of the Pacific. You can play single-player or multiplayer leading over one hundred different units into battle across eleven campaigns.


Delve deep into nightmare-fueled madness. How far would you go to save the one you love? For young aristocrat Victor Hartwell the cost to save his ailing wife might be unthinkable. Explore the mystery and encounter horrific creatures. Who will you choose to trust? How will you ever hope to survive? Spending one night in Grau Hill Mansion may be the last night you ever see.

Trüberbrook and Sudden Strike 4 - Complete Collection will be available from March 1 and are the games that will be claimable for the whole months, while Lamentum will start being claimable from March 16 to April 15.