In an interview with Game Informer, Tetsuya Nomura practically laid down some big expectations for the upcoming next surprising chapter of Kingdom Hearts with Kingdom Hearts IV and one might give a change of vibe.

Nomura recognized that originally, Kingdom Hearts was not conceived as the Final Fantasy X Walt Disney Company's franchise as we got to know it, but as an original story that would focus on the character that later we knew as Sora.

With this somewhat-industry-secret, the producer tried to acknowledge the decreasing dependency of having direct Final Fantasy characters as the original characters of KH have grown enough to tell the story on their own.

Another aspect for the interview is that the game probably will be the "Disney-less" of the series so far but not because there is a lack of creativity but a lack of power.

Square Enix found some limitations on current technology for developing games on Playstation 5, which makes it hard to design graphics that mixes 3D and cartoon animation without needing to be cel-shaded.

Even so, Tetsuya Nomura assures that fans of the Disney side of Kingdom Hearts should not worry as there are going to be worlds either way and I think probably the best expectation is that there are 3D friendly environments like Star Wars, Pirates Of The Caribbean and so on.

Via: Game Informer