While the timing is quite unusual, we knew that Square Enix was interested in heading to the cryptocurrency world via NFT of course and they went ahead as promised but with a careful strategy to avoid fans becoming unfans.

Ironically named as one of the main aspects of main Final Fantasy VII's lore, Meteor is official as the NFT marketplace where obviously, we got Final Fantasy related NFT for sale.

The marketplace will have the Enjin Network as backend, which is an NFT company that works transactions within the Efinity blockchain. 

The Efinity blockchain was particularly created as a scalable, decentralized and cross-chain token infrastructure built to enable users, developers, and enterprises to harness NFTs with zero friction as they claim.

The choosing reason is that the blockchain is a layer 1 proof-of-stake solution that touts itself as “eco-friendly” and run by a company committed to being carbon neutral by 2030, in days where cryptocurrency is to blame of all the setbacks that high energy consumption from eco-enemy electric grids has provoked on the struggle with gas emission and fossil fuel extreme usage.

Returning to Square Enix and Meteor, the japanese company seems to have noticed the unlove from gamers with NFT and their immediate strategy as a RPG maker ofcourse is that consumers will be able to pre-order a physical action figure that comes with a code redeemable for a digital NFT. 

Besides figures, there will also be physical trading cards that similarly have a digital NFT component available for pre-order later this year.

Via The Verge