As promised, Nintendo did wne ahead with the newest edition of Nintendo Direct, completely dedicated to Splatoon 3 or the third entry of the Wii U's original Splatoon and found a new niche for Nintendo fandom.

The first and important good news is that Nintendo is guaranteeing at least 2 years of post-launch content as part of the lifecycle of the games.

While the lore of the game has not been repealed, there will be 12 new maps along with Splatfests with three idols at the helm this time around.

Of course, all the weapons from the previous game will make a return with 2 new ones including Tri-Stinger that fires a spread shot of paint and can be charged up for a powerful shot and the Splatana Wiper, a windshield wiper-like sword that sends out waves of ink.

A deep selection of customization will be another highlight for Splatoon 3 as the game will have plenty of fresh styles of cosmetics and clothes, win emotes, their Splashtag and an in-game locker that will be visible to other players online. 

Of course, expect this to be the monetization within the game with the Hotlaintis Store.

A mini game within Lobby was also announced called TableTurf, which is a card-based battle that will have you collect 150 to have a complete deck, and be scattered between places in the game.

The third entry of the popular Splatoon series retains the four-on-four shooter formula that pits in matches between the inklings and the octolings but will introduce the typical new weapons and stages along with an improved co-op experience and what looks to be a much more in-depth single-player campaign.

Splatoon 3 will be released on September 9, 2022 while a Demo will be released on August 27.