Evidently, FromSoftware wanted us to wake up in a good mood making an unexpected announcement about Elden Ring and we are bound for more exploration as the first expansion was confirmed.

Without making any clue about it before, FromSoftware confirmed that an expansion for Elden Ring is in development called Shadow of the Erdtree.


There are currently no details of what to expect on Shadow of the Erdtree nor a release date but as per the game’s lore:

The Erdtree or Golden Tree is a giant, golden tree that towers above the Lands Between, blessed by the Elden Ring, which is the source of the Erdtree that symbolizes its presence and it is the heart of the Golden Order.

The blessing granted by the Erdtree and consequently the Elden Ring, is represented by a golden light in the eyes of the inhabitants of the Lands Between known as the Grace of Gold.

Upon their deaths, the remembrances of demigods and greater champions, and other such powerful beings are hewn into the Erdtree.

With this, I can speculate that we are going to see some dark and evil secrets of the Erdtree which mean more fun for us gamers.