HITMAN already kicked off its new form of having its three main games converted in one big experience and IO Interactive is already working on the next big thing, but there is still talks on the future of HITMAN.

But the thing is that IO Interactive is not ready to talk about the next HITMAN game as the gaming studio revealed to Eurogamer that while they are experimenting on mechanics for the next game, development is on pause.

Of course this should not be as a surprise as IO Interactive is full-time developing their first official 007 James Bond official game and recently, they announced Project Fantasy as a first dive into the classical genre of RPG video game.

For the 007 game, still internally known as Project 007 was announced in 2022 and it is the first 007 game in more than a decade and will probably have an original story and a “digital original” James Bond and not based on any of the actors that have portrayed MI6's most popular secret agent.

As for Project Fantasy, it aims to be a game built from the core to entertain players and expand for many years to come.

Neither project has a clear release date.