Today was the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary event hosted by Square Enix and we got some announcements all right and we got three important announcements for what’s next for the remake of Final Fantasy VII.

And it seems that we are seeing a retelling of Final Fantasy VII as the next chapter of Final Fantasy VII Remake will NOT be called Remake Part 2, but Final Fantasy VII Rebirth and it is the second of a three chapter story.

We know that retelling an PS4/PS5 equivalent of a 3-disc Playstation game probably would not have fit in 5 or 6 parts, but it seems that Square Enix might have some changes at hand.

Judging by the trailer above, revisiting Zack and Cloud’s arrival at Midgar and the “Cloud’s memory” of his return to Nibelheim with Sephiroth will be the focus of Rebirth with no Vincent, Cait Sith and Cid on sight.

The game will be coming next Winter and by “next Winter” is between December 2023 through February 2024.

We will revisit Zack’s ascension with a remaster of Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

An PSP Classic came from Square Enix when the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII was at full throttle at mid 2000’s called Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII which focuses on Zack Fair, a young member of the paramilitary organization SOLDIER, who is assigned to look for the missing SOLDIER Genesis Rhapsodos. As he searches for Genesis, Zack discovers Genesis' origin, Project G, and how it is related to two other high-ranking SOLDIERs, Sephiroth and Angeal Hewley.

With this, Square Enix announced that Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion will be arriving this Winter and we just had graphical improvements but the battle systems and mechanics appears to remain much untouched unless for the special case of Playstation 5, Square Enix might have added some custom haptic feedback.

The remake is not PS5 exclusive as will also arrive for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Switch, and PC 

Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade for PC is no longer Epic Games's exclusive

Since this very night, Steam customer that for some reason are resisting on having an account on Epic Games, are now with the chance on buying Final Fantasy VII Remake Integrade via Valve's strong front.

UPDATE 6/17/2022

Added launching platforms for Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII Reunion.