Nintendo and Illumination just got The Super Mario Bros. movie 3rd weekend in the bag as the movie topped the charts this past weekend and added more money on its earning, steady to break another record.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie achieved the high score at the domestic box office, earning a massive $58.23 million in its third weekend of release. The animated family film easily fended off this weekend’s new releases, including a promising start for supernatural horror sequel “Evil Dead Rise” and tepid debuts for action-war thriller Guy Ritchie’s the Covenant and Beau Is Afraid.

For this weekend, the movie landed $871 million including domestic and international markets as the movie is already slated to be the biggest movie of the year.

Dismembering this weekend’s numbers ($434.33 million in North America), the movie did drop down 37% from the weekend prior, but, did rank as the highest third weekend ever for an animated film domestically surpassing Incredibles 2 with $46.4 million in its third weekend of release and the seventh-biggest third weekend of all time Spider-Man: No Way Home” with $56 million in its third weekend of release.

Shigeru Miyamoto hints more Nintendo movies

Just like The Super Mario BRos. Movie set an unprecedented event and broke records already, Mario franchise creator and main Nintendo creative Shigueru Miyamoyo, told Nikkei late last week, that Nintendo is up to making more movies and the next one could focus on different Nintendo characters.

“There are various ways to develop characters (for the screen), including characters that are suitable for film and characters that are well known.”

In other words, it is not suggested that the main sequel of The Super Mario Bros. movie is what’s next for the Nintendo universe-centered movie franchise.