Definitely Stadia gained some air after Google’s announcement at the Game Developer Summit early this month, even after the fact that now Stadia’s own existence depends on the Immersive Stream (white-label corporate version of Stadia) success.

And while it is true that AAA games cannot be truly expected for the future, past AAA games and games from independent studios have found a home in Stadia.

Team17 for example has been a quite a recent entrant on studios developing games and porting some for Stadia and it was with great surprise that Worms W.M.D. while arriving at Stadia soon.

For those who had never played this veteran game series, it is practically one of the earliest PvP, turned based games in the 16-bit with its original game release on 1995 for PC, Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo and from them have been a stable series of games.

Another surprise and the second time independent studios use Kickstarter for crowdfunding a development of a game, the German independent studio 314 Arts, confirmed that the upcoming Kickstarter campaign for their in-development game, Projekt Z,  will include perks for people interested in having the game on Stadia.

Projekt Z is being marketed as a atmospheric WW2 FPS title that features Zombies and cooperative play and the Kickstarter campaign is slated to launch at April 29th but tiers remains to be announced.