UI updates:

The sidenav has been grouped into more distingusihable, easier navigatable sections. The sections are Watch, Find, Compete, and Me. Each section will house key elements to the site. 

The color scheme has been adjusted to better relay our logo colors and overall palette. 


Pro Streams:

There are now 2 sections for streams: Pro Upgraded Streams and All Live Streams. Pro members will be mixed into both, whereas non-pro members will only be listed on the All Live Streams page.



This IS NOT pay to win... you can exchange XP for GG Coins and buy Pro. But.. if you just want the promo, by all means, help us pay for the site :)


Post interaction buttons:


The react, comment, and share menu has been simplified. It shows how many shares and comments total beside each element now instead of above a divider. The wording has also been removed. The comment box now must be toggled to view comments. This creates a cleaner look for the UI.


Latest GGs News:

The latest article from GGs staff is now listed on the sidebar for users to see important updates.