• Bloomberg: Sega is preparing a Jet Set Radio & Crazy Taxi comeback
    It has been quite a noise from Sega Sammy, the parent company of Sega, who are currently running a Super Game Project and while some expected a new and original game, the reality is that this is another blast from the past as the nostalgic market is profitable. According to Bloomberg, the Super Game Project is in reality a sub-set of three projects and it is bringing back Jet Set Radio and...
  • Ubisoft knows that Project Q is a worst kept secret
    Talking about the worst kept secret, Ubisoft decided to go forward and not let the moles within its studios mess up the opportunities of a brand new game and decided to move forward and present what it has been working on. Early Saturday Ubisoft tweeted a thread about what Project Q is and is indeed a new game currently in development. So, we heard you heard... 馃し‍Introducing codename...
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